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Bucks County Divorce Lawyers

Compassionate counselors educate clients to make informed decisions

The decision to dissolve your marriage is not something you should take lightly, and neither should be your choice of an attorney to represent you. Your attorney must assist you at a terribly difficult time, clarify any confusion, and guide you through a complex and often adversarial process. This is not a job for someone who dabbles or “keeps a hand in” family law. It’s a job for a dedicated professional whose exclusive focus is divorce. At Jennifer Courtney Law, our attorneys have more than 60 years of combined divorce experience. We have built a reputation for compassionate client service, wise counsel and aggressive, efficient litigation. When you retain our services, you get determined representation focused on positive results.

Our Divorce Lawyers Understand Pennsylvania Law

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognizes two types of divorce filings: fault-based and no-fault. There are two types of divorce resolution: contested and uncontested. Here is what you should understand at the outset:

  • Fault-based divorce — Traditionally, a spouse who wanted to petition for divorce needed to show grounds, that is, marital misconduct from the other spouse that justified a dissolution. The traditional grounds for divorce in Pennsylvania are adultery, bigamy, conviction of a crime and sentencing of two years or more, cruel and barbarous treatment, desertion, and indignities that render the innocent spouse’s condition intolerable and life burdensome. Fault-based filings are rare today, although, under certain circumstances, may be appropriate.
  • No-fault divorce — This type of filing covers two possible sets of circumstances. First is a consensual divorce where both parties agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken. The second situation is a two-year separation, where the parties have been living separately and apart. If the responding party does not dispute the separation, the couple can move forward with a no-fault divorce.
  • Uncontested divorce — A couple achieves an uncontested divorce when they present a signed marital settlement agreement to the court for approval without any hearings on the issues.
  • Contested divorce — If a couple requires the court to rule on any of the ancillary issues of their divorce, such as alimony or division of property, the divorce is contested.

No two marriages are alike and neither are any two divorces. It follows that there is no right way to get a divorce, there is only what is most appropriate for your situation. So, when selecting an attorney, you must consider the full range of skills that may be required. Some attorneys are very good at dispensing advice, but falter in the courtroom. Then there are hard-charging trial lawyers who have no patience for clients. Our Bucks County law firm takes pride in our ability to manage every aspect of divorce — to be compassionate counselors and aggressive advocates, and to deliver positive results.

Call our Bucks County divorce lawyers for sound advice and determined representation

Your first step towards achieving your goals for your divorce is to choose the right lawyer. At Jennifer Courtney Law, we are determined to provide caring counsel, sensible advice and effective representation. To discuss your case with a skilled and empathetic attorney, call 215.493.3360 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.