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Jennifer was wonderful to work with. She was committed to getting the best possible outcome all the while being courteous, communicative, and professional.


Jennifer is great! My first contact with Jennifer was through a consult. After having gone through two other consults with other legal firms that did not sit right with me, I knew Jennifer was the attorney to represent me. She provided legal services and advice during a very difficult time in my life. While no one wants to experience the challenges and heartache of a divorce, Jennifer provided such compassionate, understanding and professional services that allowed us to successfully navigate the trials of an unwanted divorce and achieve the outcome that God wanted for me. Jennifer respected my position and my religious beliefs about divorce. She provided realistic, sound and frank advice that guided me every step of the way at a time when my head was spinning and in desperate need of legal counsel. Jennifer told my story like she said she would, and for that I am so very grateful. While no one wants to experience such a stressful and difficult time, Jennifer made it manageable and less stressful. I am truly thankful for her professionalism and compassionate understanding. Her staff are equally kind and empathetic individuals who provided such great support and assistance. They are truly a team that worked together for me to achieve our successful outcome. If you are in need of legal services or advice, I highly recommend Jennifer Courtney.


I worked with Jennifer Courtney and her amazing office on the Equitable Distribution as part of my divorce, and everyone was helpful, courteous and always willing to provide knowledgeable feedback/suggestions in preparing the documentation needed. I am very much appreciative to have someone to reach out to to help explain each part of the document and all was done in a timely manner.

Thank you Jennifer for all of your help!


I choose Jennifer Courtney and her firm to represent me in my divorce because I felt comfortable with her from the moment I met her.

My advice to any person who is looking for a lawyer is to have that connection immediately. If not, move on to another lawyer.

Jennifer allowed me to speak up and ask the questions I needed during my consultation. Some attorneys will dominate the conversation and the room and forget you are the paying client. Jennifer Courtney does not come across in that manner at all. She is down to earth and easy to converse with.

Her pleasant demeanor and willingness to work with me throughout my divorce journey made it less stressful.

As we all are aware there will always be a few road blocks in any legal matter.

My divorce process had a few “road blocks” but Jennifer handled all these issues in a professional, timely manner that was agreeable to both of us.


During one of the most difficult times of my life, selecting Jennifer Courtney as my attorney was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Jennifer guided me through the divorce process with incredible expertise and compassion.  Her extensive knowledge of the legal system coupled with her many years of experience provided me with the steady guidance I needed to navigate my divorce.  Jennifer knew what I was are entitled to and fought tirelessly to see that I received it.  In doing so, she provided me with a realistic view of what I could expect, sound advice on how to creatively negotiate, honest feedback on when compromise was necessary on my part, and an understanding of the emotional toll divorce takes on all parties involved.  Jennifer communicates in an extremely timely manner and always makes herself available for further conversation.  Jennifer is the consummate professional.  I truly can’t imagine a more honest, supportive, and qualified divorce attorney than Jennifer Courtney.


Jennifer Courtney made my divorce process very smooth, quick and easy. Going through a hard time, she made me feel at ease. She was kind and friendly and talked to me like she cared about me and my situation. Id highly recommend anyone to go to her if they are going through a similar situation.


I was going through a very difficult divorce and getting nowhere in terms of getting my divorce finalized. Jennifer stepped in and immediately got things moving.  She was compassionate and responsive to my concerns.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  She got it done and put my mind at ease during a very stressful time.  Trust me you want Jennifer on your side.


There comes a time in a marriage when you need to face the inevitable.   The time had come for my family.     I had no plan in place but knew change needed to happen.   I found the best family law attorney.  I have trusted Jennifer Courtney’s advice and me and my children are in a better place today because of it.  Thank you Jennifer Courtney and the entire staff at the Law Offices of Jennifer Courtney, P.C. for all of your help.


Jennifer Courtney Law supported me with my divorce.  I initially selected Jennifer because of her expertise with high income/high asset divorce law and her reputation as a pragmatic negotiator.    Jennifer did an excellent job integrating my personal tax accountant into the team, developing a comprehensive plan resulting in a great outcome for me.

Jennifer demonstrated good judgement in formulating my defense and related responses.  She has a good sense of when to push and what aspects are important versus those that can be negotiated.  Jennifer was also very helpful in providing me the likely point of view and position held by the other side.  I found Jennifer to be responsive to my concerns, available and focused on my case.


The decision to pursue a divorce was perhaps the toughest of my life. However, the happenstance choice of Jennifer as my counsel in this pursuit was the best of an unfortunate circumstance. Jennifer closely listens, remembers and provides a level of confidence sorely in desire in a tough situation. We quickly identified the problems and formulated a plan that eventually attained the fairest settlement that I could have reasonably expected. I highly recommend Jennifer’s services to anyone contemplating divorce proceedings.


From the moment that I called the office, I felt comfortable and that I was in good hands.  I immediately knew that I had made the correct decision in my selection process for a divorce attorney.  Jennifer and her staff were kind, professional, efficient and most importantly knowledgeable.  This difficult process was much simpler in Jennifer’s capable hands.



Jennifer was always so patient and kind to me throughout the last three years.  I really felt that she cared about me and that meant the world to me.  Thank you for everything, Jennifer!


Jennifer was extremely helpful in navigating me through a very trying time.  With the collapse of my marriage and ensuing attempts at a settlement having someone with Jennifer’s experience and calming demeanor guide me through the process was invaluable.  Her responsiveness and ability to answer questions in layman’s terms was helpful in providing me with peace of mind throughout an otherwise emotionally charged process. Her knowledge of the law and experience in dealing with divorcing couples was key in getting a quick resolution to my case.



“Jennifer Courtney provided me with representation when I was going through divorce and throughout, she kept me informed as issues unfolded. Knowledge and experience along with a highly efficient office staff, replaced my anxiety with peace of mind. The result was a conclusion that was unexpectedly much better than I could have imagined.

I will always be grateful for her support and expertise at a time that I needed only the best to see that my rights were protected and a fair resolution be made possible.”

L. L.

“Jen is not only an excellent attorney but she has an unwavering human kindness for her clients.  My divorce was painful to say the least but Jen in many conversations was able to help me get through those tough times by just having an open ear to listen to me.  Thank you Jen!”


“Jennifer is an amazing attorney who was always there for me.  From the initial consultation to the final word of my divorce, Jennifer was very sympathetic and understanding and always there. I highly recommend her and her team and will continue to utilize Jennifer if the situation arises. ”


“Jennifer provided the expertise that was needed to settle the divorce quickly.  There were several points of law that she was aware of that other attorneys interviewed had no knowledge of.  Jennifer’s guidance during the mediation helped to keep me focused on the material issues and not sweat the small things.”

T. W.


“Jennifer Courtney is a compassionate and understanding attorney.  Divorcing my husband of 20 years was one of the most difficult times of my life, but Jennifer helped me through it all.  She understands that when people go through hard times often their ability to think clearly is a difficult task, but Jennifer is an amazing communicator.  She explained the judicial process to me in layman’s terms, and always made herself available to me by phone or email, answering my questions and addressing my concerns.  Her calm demeanor helped ease the tension between me and my ex-husband.  My divorce was final 3 months after filing.  Today my ex-husband and I are amicable and friendly.  My divorced friend highly recommended her ex-husband’s lawyer, Jennifer Courtney, and I’m glad I contacted Jennifer.  My friend was right, she’s awesome!”



“Jennifer Courtney was very professional, caring, and thorough in her handling of my divorce. She was candid in setting expectations and guided me through the process with thoughtfulness and candor. I highly recommend Ms. Courtney.”



“I feel that I was well represented in a quite emotional family law case that involved both custody of my son as well as some issues around property.  I always felt listened to and that Jennifer’s empathic nature helped me personally through what was really a significant personal crisis. Her attention to detail as well as the pleasant environment of her office made me feel that everything was being taken care of and that I could concentrate on the ongoing wellness of myself and my family.”



“Attorney Jennifer Courtney represented me in my mission to obtain sole legal and sole physical custody of my young children.  Ms. Courtney and her firm were truly exceptional. Throughout the litigation, Ms. Courtney was steadfast in her decisions, accepting nothing less than what was in the absolute best interest of my children.  Her professionalism, diligence, and dedication helped to protect my children and allowed me peace of mind.  I continue to consult Ms. Courtney for legal advice and have recommended her to friends.  Thank you isn’t enough.”


“My lawyer Jennifer Courtney is personable, caring, and very effective.  I met Jennifer Courtney 2 years ago and I am so glad that she was on my side.  My divorce was difficult and stressful, but Ms. Courtney was understanding and very helpful going through the process.  I would recommend her 100% if you are thinking about finding a lawyer.”


“Jennifer’s incredible expertise, kindness and diligence made my divorce much quicker and easier than I ever thought possible.”


“Divorce is a tough business, no doubt about it. Divorce is a painful and emotional personal process that involves holistically changing many aspects of your life. It can fracture your identity, challenge your spirit, and literally turn your life upside down. Considering the impact, you really want a strong support team in place to help you weather a time of great turbulence. Undoubtedly, close friends and family will rally around to provide love and emotional support. That said, you’ll still have many questions and fears about the legal process and its issues.

Jennifer Courtney will be your legal rock. She understands what you are going through and she will help you cope. Jennifer will protect you legally and financially. Jennifer has done this for me and my children. Above it all, Jennifer is someone I trust. She has proven skill and knowledge around the law. Jennifer understands the impacts of divorce and she cares deeply about you as a human being, not just as a client. I am very grateful for everything she has done for me. I encourage you to talk to Jennifer when considering an attorney, as she comes with my unabashed recommendation.


“Making that first phone call to Jennifer was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I was finally acknowledging that something unexpected and painful was happening and my life would probably never be the same.

From my first meeting with Jennifer, she was compassionate and thoughtfully listened. She helped me to understand “the process” and the financial impact, neither of which I was truly prepared for.

There were lots of questions to answers and paperwork to provide which can be draining. Jennifer always offered her support and was available by phone or e-mail. On a day that she was scheduled to be in court, she provided her cell phone number in the event I needed her on that day.

Jennifer never set up unrealistic expectations. If she didn’t think something was worth fighting for, we didn’t.  The entire process can be exhausting so when it ended I felt that a huge weight had been lifted off my chest and I could breathe again.

Although making that first phone call to Jennifer was difficult, it was also the right one to make. Looking back, I’m grateful for her dedication to my particular case and extremely pleased in the manner in which she represented me.”


“I sincerely appreciated Jennifer Courtney’s legal counsel throughout a very long, arduous and emotionally demanding experience. Her incredible knowledge of the process and command of the steps throughout gave me much needed guidance and confidence. As anyone who has been through a divorce can tell you, emotions often take over – Jennifer struck the perfect balance between listening and then providing me the sound, rational advice I needed to make the best decision. It’s good to know that you can receive outstanding professional service from a kind and caring person. I certainly give my recommendation to anyone who is in need of Jennifer’s expertise.”


“Jennifer Courtney is the utmost professional. I interviewed several attorneys before finding Jennifer. As soon a I met her, I knew she was the person whom I trusted to represent me. She is wise, knowledgeable, quick thinking and an excellent advisor. She is a very strong and talented lawyer who knows how to handle difficult and sensitive situations with ease and confidence. I felt like she cared about my situation and had my best interest at heart; yet she is tough and direct when she needs to be to get the job done. I highly recommend Jennifer when you need someone to handle sensitive situations that are important to you – with Jennifer as your attorney – you are in good and capable hands.”


“Jennifer Courtney is an outstanding divorce attorney. She is responsive, thorough, insightful and thoughtful. No one anticipates that a divorce is going to happen to them. It was reassuring to have an attorney like Jennifer during this trying time in my life. She provided me with sound advice, kept me grounded and imparted knowledgeable guidance throughout the divorce process. I never felt alone and always felt she listened to what I was saying and respected my opinions. She is warm and engaging, she answered my questions and furnished me with ideas to consider that I might not have contemplated on my own. Jennifer walked me through the divorce timeline and explained what would happen, I was always prepared for what was coming next. I felt I received superior counsel throughout the entire process and would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer.”


“Thirteen years ago during one of the darkest and most turbulent times of my life, I found myself having to retain an attorney to help me with my divorce proceedings. I had researched some locations close to my home and found Jennifer Courtney and decided to make a consulting appointment without knowing anything about her or her law practice. I had a very young child, was pregnant, very alone and was searching for someone to help me legally. I had no idea how lucky I was to have found Jennifer Courtney until after that first meeting. She was there for me not only professionally but personally as well and was truly concerned for the well-being of myself and my children. She was able to stand up for my rights and make sure that I received what my children and I were entitled to and never backed down, even when things weren’t so cut and dry. She has always been there to answer a quick question on the phone or make sure that her schedule would allow her to be available for various appointments that I would need. Jennifer Courtney has always been there through all the various times that I have had to call on her over the last 13 years and I am forever grateful for that.”


“Jennifer Courtney was compassionate, thorough, fair, and attentive to all the many details of my divorce. After taking over my stalled two-year case, she brought it to a satisfactory conclusion six months later. I highly recommend her.”