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Yardley, Pennsylvania, Lawyers for Modifications after Divorce

i-modificationsWe are a full-service family law firm able to help you with many issues that may arise in the years after your divorce is finalized. Our deep familiarity with Pennsylvania law and the workings of our Bucks County courts are important assets when your circumstances change and you need to take legal action. Please contact us right away if you want to pursue a change in any court order.

Our attorneys understand that circumstances in your life can change after you negotiate or litigate a divorce settlement. Whether or not we handle your divorce case, we can assess your likelihood of success in petitioning for a:

Helping You Deal with a Substantial Change in Circumstances

To successfully petition for a child support modification or to modify alimony, it is necessary to document a substantial change in circumstances, such as:

  • A job loss or job change with a major impact on either ex-spouse’s income
  • A major event resulting in the disability of either ex-spouse or a significant change in the financial needs of a child
  • A change in child custody from the original order or the emancipation of a child through graduating or turning 18

In these and similar situations, we will carefully evaluate your case and guide you through all necessary legal steps.

We can also advise you and handle all legal procedures when you believe modifying your custody arrangement is necessary. Accomplishing this will require showing the court that the modification is in the best interest of the child or children, due to factors such as abuse or neglect by the primary custodial parent or other serious issues.

Fast Action Can Be Critical When You Need a Modification

Our attorneys recommend prompt action when you believe you have cause to seek a child support modification or change in custody. If your children’s well-being is threatened, we will offer our full energies in taking quick, decisive action.

On issues of support payments, it is important to recognize that any modification will become active only on the filing date. Retroactive changes are not possible and strong enforcement measures are in place, so it is essential to contact a family law attorney soon after your change in circumstances occurs — before pressures mount and your financial situation becomes much worse.