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No-Fault Divorce in Bucks County, PA

Divorce decree

Many Pennsylvania divorces are “no-fault” divorces, meaning the grounds are irretrievable breakdown of the marriage — rather than adultery, cruel and inhuman treatment, personal indignities or other fault-based grounds that must be proven. In many other states, these same no-fault grounds are referred to as irreconcilable differences.

No-Fault Divorce Does Not Equal Uncontested Divorce

Seeking a no-fault divorce saves the ordeal and costs associated with proving one party’s wrongdoing. However, no-fault divorce should not be confused with uncontested divorce. Even a generally amicable divorce often involves some contested issues, and we encourage you to contact an experienced lawyer to protect your rights and interests.

Even if both parties agree that the marriage is over, that is not sufficient to achieve a settlement. The desire to “get it over with” is common, but the reality is that all marital issues must be resolved for our courts to grant a divorce. The challenges in resolving major marital issues such as:

Consensual Divorce — Divorce After Separation

If no children are involved, you do not own a home and you have accumulated few assets, your dissolution can be relatively straightforward. Both parties can file affidavits of consent, and the divorce may be granted after 90 days. In other cases, one party may choose not to consent.  A no-fault divorce may also be granted after two years of separation in these cases.

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We help men and women in Yardley, Newtown, Washington Crossing and many other Bucks County, Pennsylvania, communities assess their needs when facing divorce. Consulting an experienced, focused family law attorney before proceeding can help prevent many missteps and regrets. We encourage you to contact us today if you want to gain a full understanding of the steps involved in your Pennsylvania divorce.