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A Property Settlement Can Keep Your Divorce out of Court

property_settlementAt Jennifer Courtney Law, we apply a variety of proven techniques to help resolve your Bucks County, Pennsylvania, divorce without a costly, drawn-out trial. If marital asset division is a prime area of contention in your case, we often advocate developing a detailed property settlement agreement. Contact us for more information about how this tool may work for you.

Just as crafting a detailed parenting time agreement can sometimes ease child custody and visitation concerns and promote progress in negotiations, developing a property settlement agreement can enable the parties in a divorce to move forward more efficiently on property division.

Working out Key Details to Promote Negotiation and Efficient Resolution

This document can set forth a complete, detailed scheme for the distribution of marital assets and liabilities, covering key issues such as:

  • How joint and separate bank accounts will be divided, and who will assume which debts
  • What will happen with 401(k) plans and other retirement accounts and pensions
  • If the marital home or other property is to be sold, how proceeds will be allocated
  • If one party receives a more valuable automobile or other significant asset, what the other will receive to offset, or equalize, the property settlement
  • Which party will be entitled to claim tax exemptions for children
  • How life and medical insurance issues will be handled going forward

Your property settlement agreement can also deal with business interests and other complex assets. Our attorneys and associated resources will ensure your interests are protected, regardless of how detailed your property settlement agreement must be to resolve contested issues.

Taking the Lead Can Help You Gain Control

Working proactively with one of our lawyers to develop a property settlement agreement can help you gain a measure of control, protecting the assets most important to you. Many people find that the investment required to do this is minor, compared to the potential cost of litigating property division issues in court.

If you would like to explore the value of a property settlement agreement in your divorce case — or you are considering forming a postnuptial agreement to resolve these issues without the pressure of a pending divorce — please contact our law offices today.