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Disputes over divorce and custody issues can be financially and emotionally costly. Putting the decision in the hands of family court can leave parties stuck with resolutions that simply do not work for their family. Fortunately, there is an alternative – Yardley Mediation Services at Courtney Law is a way for families to arrive at their own decisions, facilitated by Jennifer Courtney who acts as a third party neutral. Mediation is often faster, informal and private where people work cooperatively to resolve their disputes, aided by the mediator. Mediation can cost less as the parties have more control about the process, the outcome and there is reduced attorney and court participation.

At the Law Offices of Jennifer Courtney, the attorneys act as lawyers to parties already involved in mediation or can be hired as mediators.

The mediation process is simple and Mediator Jennifer Courtney will incorporate various types of mediation styles (evaluative, transformative and facilitative) in an effort to empower the parties to resolve their differences and ultimately reach an agreement.

Please contact Yardley Mediation Services at Courtney Law at 215-493-3360 to set up an appointment to see if mediation is a viable option for you.

For more information, visit Ms. Courtney’s Mediation website www.yardleymediation.com.