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Yardley, Pennsylvania, Lawyers Handling Alimony Issues

alimonyAlimony and spousal support — is not an issue in every divorce. However, this is often a contested issue when the divorce will dramatically impact the financial status of either party. Please contact our experienced attorneys to pursue your legal rights in this area.

Important factors in alimony decisions

A wide range of factors will be considered in the decision to order alimony/spousal support payments and in the determination of the amount and duration of those payments. Two of the most important factors are:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Disparity in the two parties’ incomes

Throughout Bucks County, our attorneys advise many clients on their likelihood of success in seeking alimony/spousal support and on the strength of their position in denying or limiting payments. Our experience with high-asset divorce and the development of detailed property settlement agreements is an asset in resolving complex cases as efficiently as possible.

Accurately assessing income from all sources

One of the most challenging issues can be arriving at an accurate assessment of the incomes involved. If one spouse is self-employed, for example, or has substantial undeclared income from a source other than W-2 wages, we can call on a variety of expert analysts and specialists to gather evidence.

In some cases, an in-depth lifestyle analysis is required to track expenses and cash outlays. For executives and business owners, it may also be necessary to investigate perquisites and write-offs that essentially function as income. Recognizing the importance of a fair and reasonable alimony decision to your future financial well-being, we will go the distance to uncover relevant facts and build your case.

We understand the desperation you may feel if your divorce may be financially devastating and you do not have control of your marital finances. Our first step in these situations is to advocate strongly for alimony pendente lite (APL), which can enable you to sustain your legal fight and get the settlement you deserve. We will then seek a favorable alimony/spousal support outcome that will help you pay expenses and move forward in life.

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