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Yardley, Pennsylvania, Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys

i-grandparentsrightsIn many families, grandparents play an absolutely essential role in children’s lives and well-being. As a grandparent, you may have provided badly needed stability and support for your grandchildren or even stepped in to provide full-time care in a very troubled time.

If family disputes or other problems are interfering with your ability to enjoy time with your grandchildren or you are seriously concerned about their safety with their parents, please contact our family law firm. Our laws are evolving in this important area, and we can help you explore all legal options.

Pursuing Custody and Visitation Rights for Grandparents

We are family law attorneys who are intensely dedicated to asserting grandparents’ rights in the best interest of children. Our efforts throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania, have included advocating aggressively for grandparents seeking:

  • Child custody, often after caring for a child or several children for 12 months or longer, a situation referred to as in loco parentis (“in the place of a parent”)
  • Defined, enforceable visitation time scheduled specifically for you

We are also well equipped to work on your behalf in situations involving the risk of neglect and abuse in your grandchildren’s current living situation or in asserting your custody or visitation rights as grandparents after the death of your child. In some cases, other relatives such as aunts and uncles may also be able to assert “third party custody” rights.

Learn What You Need to Know From an Experienced Family Attorney

It is important to recognize that grandparents’ legal rights are typically enforceable only if the children’s parents have completed a divorce or legal separation. We also emphasize to potential clients that the required legal action may be a lawsuit naming both parents.

In all family law matters, our lawyers emphasize compassion for your situation and honesty about your likelihood of success. There are many factors to consider in any grandparents’ rights case, and we encourage you to contact us to arrange an informative consultation.