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Experienced Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Child Support Lawyers

All parents want to see that their children are adequately provided for. Child support laws are in place to do just that when marriages end or unmarried parents separate. Securing the future of your children is a crucial part of any divorce agreement. If you have children, it is vital to have a divorce attorney who will stand up for the financial needs of your children.

The Law Offices of Jennifer Courtney & Associates, P.C., is a family law firm located in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Our attorneys provide divorce-related legal services to men and women in and near Bucks County. We aggressively negotiate child support issues during divorce cases, and we also assist with post-divorce child support issues relating to modification or enforcement of child support orders. If you have questions or concerns about child support, contact us to make an appointment.

How Child Support Is Calculated

Like many states, Pennsylvania calculates child support by using a formula. Income is one variable used in Pennsylvania’s child support guidelines. However, you and your divorce lawyer should carefully examine what your spouse has included in his or her income calculation. For example, did he or she include bonuses, overtime pay and such perks as a company car? Are these types of income counted as income for the purposes of child support calculations? The answers to these questions can change the child support calculation considerably. It is easy to see why guidance from an experienced divorce attorney is important when it comes to child support, even though the calculation is based on a fairly straightforward formula.

Most parents who pay child support have the monthly amount deducted directly from their paychecks via wage garnishment.

Child Support Negotiations Can Expand Your Child’s Options

At Jennifer Courtney Law, we know how important your child’s future is to you. We pursue every avenue to ensure that your child will be provided for in the future. We not only pursue a fair child support arrangement, but we also help you negotiate financial assistance with other opportunities, such as medical expenses, day care, music lessons, summer camp and college tuition.

Contact Us for Help

For assistance with child support issues during a divorce, contact us to consult with a skilled and compassionate family law attorney in Bucks County. Let us help you and your children move into the future.