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Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Child Custody Attorneys

As attorneys who practice in family law, are very familiar with the storm of emotions that can strike any parent facing divorce. Our Yardley, Pennsylvania, lawyers are caring people who will hear you out on your understandable fears and worries about future relationships with your children. Please contact us today for a consultation focused on your parental rights and the best action plan for you.

Respect for Your Parenting Relationships and Goals

We will build your case and negotiate aggressively to achieve a child custody outcome that keeps you close to your children and involved in their lives. Our decades of experience in family law enable us to help you set realistic expectations and pursue your parenting goals.

The overriding principle of the courts is to serve the best interest of the child. We support that goal and strive to ensure that your position is fully considered.

Primary and Partial Custody — Shared Custody Arrangements

Our lawyers represent fathers and mothers seeking a range of child custody outcomes, from primary physical custody to shared custody arrangements targeting equal or near-equal time with both the father and mother. In most cases, joint legal custody is appropriate, allowing both parents to have input on important decisions involving education, health care and other major issues.

If you have been actively involved with your children, you very likely have a case for a favorable child custody arrangement. In cases where physical custody is contested, we will use every available legal means to build your case. This includes making use of an independent custody evaluation that brings relevant information about relationships with the parents out into the open.

Detailed Visitation Schedules That Meet Your Needs

In other situations, it may make sense to acknowledge that one parent will have primary physical custody and the other will have partial physical custody. We are adept at developing a detailed visitation schedule that strikes the right balance. Our attorneys focus on developing a schedule that:

  • Overcomes the challenges of shift work, travel and other work obligations
  • Emphasizes quality time by setting aside vacation time and other valued, important periods

We firmly believe that solid legal work can help children and parents make a better transition into the next phase of their lives. We also capably handle post divorce custody modifications, as well as issues involving grandparents’ rights. To discuss your situation with an empathetic, skilled attorney, contact us today.