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Author Archives: Jennifer Courtney

Initial Steps to Take When Planning for Divorce

The decision to get a divorce is one of the most overwhelming you may ever have to make. Dissolving a marriage is often a complex and difficult process. Planning in advance can help you make choices based on careful consideration and attention to your needs. When preparing for divorce, especially if you have financial matters… Read More »

Dividing a Business During a Divorce

Divorcing spouses spend significant time and energy deciding how to divide marital assets. But for some couples, it is important to consider how to divide ownership in a business. In Pennsylvania, either spouse’s interest in a business that has been established or developed over the course of the marriage is potentially subject to equitable distribution… Read More »

New Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines Impact Obligations for Extra Expenses

Child support ordered in a divorce proceeding is meant to cover the basic expenses of taking care of a child, such as medical care, food, clothing and education. But as a child grows older, parents must shoulder additional expenses that fall outside those basic needs, such as the costs of extracurricular activities, music lessons, athletic… Read More »

Support While Your Divorce is Pending

Alimony may be awarded to a spouse in need of financial assistance in meeting living expenses after a divorce. But Pennsylvania law also recognizes the right of some spouses to receive financial support prior to the divorce being filed or while it is ongoing. There are two types of support that can be ordered prior… Read More »

Steps to Protect Yourself Financially When Facing Divorce

If you are divorcing your spouse, protecting your finances is vital to securing a fair and equitable settlement. Here are some constructive steps that you can take to protect your finances in a divorce: Assess your financial situation — Get a comprehensive understanding of your debts and assets, particularly if you were not the spouse… Read More »

Effective Co-Parenting Communication Methods

Sharing parental responsibilities under custody agreements can be challenging. There are various types of physical custody, and in most cases they involve children splitting time across two households. These arrangements can be difficult to manage and sometimes lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. It is in the children’s best interests for parents to maintain effective and… Read More »

Child Custody and Visitation and the COVID-19 Pandemic

More than two years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many divorced parents continue to juggle challenges of handling the special visitation and custody issues that can arise during a major public health event. These include deciding whether to vaccinate a child, altering a custody arrangement due to health concerns and dealing with homeschooling… Read More »

Special Issues Arising in Gray Divorce

While the divorce process is the same regardless of age, there are unique challenges and issues that are faced by couples who divorce later in life. A breakup involving spouses older than 50 is sometimes dubbed “gray divorce.” Longer life expectancies and a growing acceptance of the normality of divorce are two contributors to the… Read More »

Creating a Prenuptial Agreement That Stands Up in Court

Many people recognize that prenuptial agreements can be useful instruments when spouses want to be sure about the financial ramifications of a potential divorce. Even if you don’t currently possess substantial assets, you might seek to draw up an agreement now to avoid costly litigation over marital property. Individuals who own a business or have… Read More »

Assets That Need Special Attention During Equitable Distribution

Some divorcing couples have relatively straightforward assets that are reasonably simple to distribute among the parties: one house, a vehicle or two, and some bank accounts, for example. Other Pennsylvania couples own assets that are harder to value and divide. In those situations, assessing the value of the property can require more time and attention…. Read More »